The innovatively named …. First blog post

I’m not really sure about blogging … it’s what my big sister does, not me! If you’re interested in Libby’s blogs check her out at Anyway back to me and why I’m here suddenly blogging.

My friend Karen and I are embarking on a challenge, quite a big challenge to be precise! We will be running the London Marathon on 23rd April 2017. We are both running to raise awareness and money for Asthma UK. (There will be blogs about the reasons behind it coming up I’m sure!)  We need to raise £3600 between us, so we are trying to think of innovative ways to raise our profile, and hopefully increase donations in the process!

We both thought a blog might help, but neither of us had much idea. Karen suggested she’d leave it to me as I’m the younger friend and therefore must be more knowledgeable of these things. However given I’ve been sat here for about 20 minutes working out how to upload a picture to this blog I’m not sure that was such a great idea!!

I can’t guarantee how exciting the blogs will be, but I can guarantee we will be unashamedly pushing our fundraising pages and events, whilst detailing the ups and downs of marathon training.  So on that note and to finish the first post, if you’d like to sponsor either of us the pages you need are:



3 thoughts on “The innovatively named …. First blog post

  1. Yay – Charlotte does a blog post! Very exciting. Also excited you cross referenced to my blog (although not sure the link worked?!?)
    I am now awaiting the blog post where you describe me and Rach as almost normal.
    Very proud of you doing this. xxxxxx


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