Charlotte; why the London Marathon & why Asthma UK?

Last November I received an email about the Bracknell Forest half marathon. As I was sat in the office, a moment of madness came over me & I voiced out loud the temptation to sign up. That was it, before I knew Karen had decided it was a great idea & we were both signed up to take part. Karen’s enthusiasm for the event continued & she managed to get a whole team of Bracknell Forest peeps to sign up!!


The day we ran the half marathon was the hottest day of the year (at that point) & we all struggled, having trained in rain, cold, windy conditions!! However we did it & the feeling as we crossed the line was amazing. The whole day was unbelievable, with a real community feel. Despite it being tough going, I spent a lot of the 13 miles smiling & waving! Unfortunately as Karen crossed the line she suffered with what she has described as an ‘asthma moment’ and ended up in the first aid tent.

At the same sort of time as our half marathon was the London Marathon. The buzz of our training meant we had lots of conversations about entering. I was a little unsure due to the amount of training it would entail, not to mention any fundraising I might have to do! People were incredibly generous when I completed my half marathon & I raised over £800 for Brain tumour Research so I didn’t want to have to ask again. However I decided I would enter the ballot & let fate decide.

Karen was again a little more enthusiastic and decided to apply for charity places too, determined to give something  back whilst undertaking a personal challenge. Given some of the struggles with her asthma she has sought advice and support from Asthma UK to manage it more effectively. Therefore it made perfect sense to apply to run for them. She was offered a place and
as part of her gratitude for the support she has received decided to run for them. I was incredibly excited and proud when she found out about her place …. Possibly more so than her! And there was also a little part of me that was jealous she would definitely be part of the day!

Karen then received an email asking if she knew of anyone who might want to run for them. I wasn’t immediately convinced as the fundraising scared me, not to mention the training! However she doesn’t take no for an answer!!

In all honesty asthma has always been a part of my life, growing up with Dad & my sisters suffering. However they have generally managed it well & it almost seemed ‘normal’ and definitely not something to worry about. Madi was diagnosed when she was little, but again it was nothing major and she just occasionally seemed wheezy. However, since running with Karen and experiencing some scary moments when she has definitely been struggling and I’ve been worried, it has made me realise how blasé  I have been in the past. Asthma is a serious illness and people still die as a result. Asthma UK help thousands of people  with asthma, providing advice and support. They also fund research and campaign to improve the care received by people who suffer with asthma. So despite some initial reservations it made sense to say yes!

I’m still slightly nervous about the whole thing, running 26.1 miles and raising £1800, but I am looking forward to a new challenge! I also feel pleased to be able to support a charity who works hard to improve the lives of those suffering with asthma and enable them to take on completely crazy challenges such as running the London marathon!!


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