I don’t know which scares me more – training or fundraising.  Between us CB and I need to raise £3600 for Asthma UK.  That’s going to be a mission.

I have made a start by seeking advice from the office fundraising guru Lisa Macdonald.  She has raised a phenomenal £17k for her charities over the last few years.  Again her response was immediate and positive.  I now have enough ideas to kick start everything off – and with 2 of us doing it – its going to be fun!

I’ve started by reintroducing ‘Phil the Bag’ into the office.  For those that haven’t come across this organisation – they take clothes, belts, bags, uniform, linen etc and pay by the kilo to my nominated charity ie Asthma UK.  They then send them out to countries eg Africa to be used there.  I will be extending my invitation to contribute to friends, work mates in other offices, neighbours, family etc over the next few months.  Please contact me if you would like details – or need to know where you can drop bags off.

We are also planning a quiz night (thanks Steve.  He is already working on the questions!) looking for a venue – probably a pub – if anyone knows of anywhere that would be happy to host?

A mega raffle, cake sales (office going to get severely fat!), supermarket bag packing (thanks kids – you don’t know it yet!!) And anything else we can think of.

Our giving pages are


Thank you




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