Initial Training Plan

Seconds after my money was in – I downloaded every marathon training plan known to google.  But I couldn’t  find anything that went over 16 weeks.  No good to me – I want to start NOW!.

So after loads of reading – I decided that I needed to work on a firm foundation for the training plans.  I would continue running 3 times a week. I would consolidate with a 10k app that would try and get me to run faster – rather than longer.  I would balance this by going to The Gym in Bracknell (Find Your Fit!!).  Use their wonderful spinning bikes to cross train  plus a ‘core work out’ written for me by Ellie (my daughter).  On top of this a Pilates session (The Physio Studio in Binfield – wonderful place) once a week; netball once a week; and B-Fit sessions more of which later.

I don’t think I have time to work!  Fitting all this in is going to be a challenge in itself – but that’s the current plan.

I love going to The Gym to use their spinning bikes.  So in an effort to fit everything in – I have been trying to go about 06:30 in the morning.  Along with everyone else in Bracknell it seems!  Harder to get a parking spot than at any other time.  However I have found parking at The Point and walking the 5 minutes across the road is having great benefits as it provides a bit of a ‘warm down’ exercise on the way back.  And Morrisons is open!

On the days when time runs out – I have been introduced to the ‘6 minute Ab workout’ by Ellie.  I still can’t get all the way through it properly yet.  How can 6 minutes of exercise be so difficult??

blog 2
Hill Sprints With Ellie

Back to the B-Fit sessions.  When we were training for the Bracknell Half Marathon – a group of us decided to try and train a few sessions together.  I noticed that BFBC were offering freebie ‘beginner exercise classes’.  So I suggested that perhaps they might like to think about supporting those of us who had signed up for the half.  The response was immediate and positive.  As a result weekly training sessions were set up run by the wonderful Vikki Roberts The Bracknell half is over – but the sessions continue on and are open to all BFBC employees.

I will keep you updated!


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