Post Bracknell Half With a little help from my friends

So – blog number 1.  Charlotte has hassled me into starting as she is already 2 ahead.  I think the techno is getting to me!  I feel that’s going to be one of the interesting things about us sharing this blog – the differences in our approaches, our feelings, our health, our techno understanding etc.  We come to this challenge from different perspectives.  Charlotte is younger, fitter, more positive about everything and yells louder. I’m a middle aged croc with negative tendencies!

So how have I managed to get myself into this position?  Well to understand why I’m running and why Asthma UK – please see my fund raising page which explains it.  But it doesn’t say how the marathon challenge actually came about.

I went to watch the VLM this year with my friend Jane whose husband Andy was running it for the first time (he did amazing!! But his first words to me when we met him at the end was ‘don’t even think about it’) hmm.  Jane had run it a few years before (also amazing – but a bit more positive!) and was so excited about the whole thing.  I became caught up in the atmosphere, the support for everyone, hugging complete strangers who were in tears with pride over their friends/family.  The only time I have felt anything like that atmosphere was being in London during the Olympics.

So when I came home – I looked to see how I could become part of this amazing event.  I fired off an application to Asthma UK as for me it was a no brainer.  A condition I have only recently been diagnosed with – and their support has been amazing for me trying to manage my limitations.  Actually I haven’t any – but I needed them to explain that with proper management, I can do anything.

Next morning I woke up and the excitement had worn off and I thought – nah. But not to worry – it’s so competitive I won’t get close to a place.

A few weeks later we did the Bracknell half marathon.  I had felt so prepared for this race – but on the day it was 10 degrees hotter than anything we had trained it.  I hadn’t got to grips with my asthma properly and ended up having an ‘asthma moment’.  I must thank all those who helped and supported me on the day – including Jane who ran me up the last bit of Harvest Ride (how I hate that hill!), Steve (my husband) who was ready at the top of the hill with extra water and supplies, Matt my son who ran me in the last ½ mile or so and into whose arms I collapsed at the end.  And the medical team in the hottest tent in the world who were just brilliant.


Then I got the telephone call from Asthma UK to say I had a place for VLM 2017.  I was in a state of shock – Charlotte was screaming around the office and jumping up and down.  That night I stared at my computer screen – the page was up and the details in to pay the registration fee.  If I hit that button there was no going back.  Could I do this – should I do this?  The chances of someone I know getting a place too was so remote – I know that I need support to run to the end of the road – how could I do this on my own?  For some reason my finger became independent of my brain and hit the button.

So now it starts.



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