Who am I?!

Months ago, before I was bitten by the running bug, in fact probably at the time I declared I didn’t like running & if I ever suggested signing up for another half marathon not to let me, a friend asked me if I wanted to sign up for the Yateley 10k series. For those who don’t know, it’s three 10k races, completed on the first Wednesday of the month in June, July & August. My response was no! I said it would be too hot & not what I’d want to do on a Wednesday evening!

Then in June the same friend text to say a space had become available if I wanted it. By this point I was getting more into my running so decided it was a good idea. I actually got a PB despite it being a tough, hilly course & so said if a space came up for the next race I’d do it. A space did come up & I ran with a friend, supporting her to achieve a PB too! I really enjoyed the evening & declared I wanted to run again in August to complete the medal set. A space didn’t come up & so I arranged to go for dinner with friends.

You can probably guess that on the morning of the race / dinner with friends I had a phone call to say there was a space if I wanted it! I have never been more disappointed to say no to a run and almost wondered whether I could cancel dinner out!! This is not a feeling I’m used to & I wondered what had happened to me!

To make up for not completing the final Yateley 10k I decided to go for a run on my own. Rather than doing a usual route I decided to mix things up a bit! I know how to have fun!

I’m not a fan of off road running & definitely not a fan of hills, but I know it’s an important part of training, so off I went to some of the MOD land near by. Lots of friends walk & run there all the time & whilst we have been there when the kids were little, it’s not somewhere I know well. I just ran wherever I fancied & thankfully didn’t get lost. (I ‘may’ have got a group of Cubs lost in the same area on a night hike a number of years ago!!) It was hard work, but I kept pushing myself & even managed to enjoy the views at times!

I also decided to turn off my audio cues, as lots of people have said how they find this easier. To be honest as I stopped to take photos I kept seeing my distance, so I’ll have to put this to the test again.

I’m not sure the photo does justice to how steep this hill was!

I ran just over 7 miles and considering the terrain I was happy with my time. It also meant I felt I could justify the huge burger, chips & milkshake in the evening! I ‘may’ have told the waiter about my run too!

A very yummy bacon & avocado burger and cheesy bacon chips! This is healthy training food right?!
It definitely hit the spot!



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