Active fundraising!

So – this weekend I decided I needed personal support with my fundraising. So I unselfishly went to stay with fundraising guru Lisa Macdonald and her family in Cornwall, to gain advice and support.

For my first challenge, I was persuaded into a harbour jump. I posted on Facebook that if I received £50 in donations to Asthma UK in the next 24 hours I would chuck myself off a very high wall into very cold water. Well the donations came flooding in and 12 hours later – in time for the high tide at 9am ,I made good my promise.

The dogs were amused!

After my enormous success – I became a little over confident. My son Matt has just returned from Canada where he and his cousin Jacob completed a bungee jump in Whistler. I have now publicly committed to recreating his jump when I am on holiday in Canada, if my donations increase by a further £200 by end of August.

On Saturday evening we attended a beach banquet on Carlyon Beach. It was an amazing experience. The evening was orchestrated by Matt Chatfield from the Newman Arms in Fitzrovia. He has spent the last five years working closely with farms, fishermen and tradesmen creating a small network now known as The Cornwall Project. The goal? To share what is unquestionably the best produce in Cornwall with the rest of the country and in turn help Cornwall do a little better.

We had 4 courses – all local produce sourced that morning within 4 miles of the beach – cooked by several chefs and helpers. All cooked outside whilst we watched. Mackerel, lobster, beef like you wouldn’t believe, and baked apple with goats milk panna cotta. All served with local veg and flowers!

If you are around next year and they do it again – strongly advise you give it a go.

I am really hoping that Matt and the Newman Arms Pub will donate a meal for 2 so I can auction it to raise more money for Asthma UK and someone else can try the excellent food that comes out of this pub.

They did cook it!


2nd of 4 courses!

I loved the sense of community from the evening. The local MP and his wife were next to us enjoying being part of his constituency.

I gained advice from a local travel agent next to me about how to apply for compensation from Easy Jet for a delayed flight. And from her husband – the best Cornish gins to buy (I didn’t even know they had any!)

A very happy, fun, and profitable (for Asthma UK) weekend,

Thank you Macdonalds.


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