Summer Holiday Running

This last week we’ve been on holiday in Cornwall. Normally holidays are about relaxing, spending time with the family, eating & drinking too much & definitely not thinking about exercise, in any shape or form!! However I’m very aware that I have a marathon coming up next year and although I’m not ‘in training’ yet, I am trying to maintain my fitness. I was also keen to try barefoot beach running, having read articles on the benefits of both!

My husband was also keen to join me on an early morning beach run, so on our first morning we were up and out before the rest of the family woke up!

Half way, by the Hayle estuary.

We ran barefoot, for just under a mile. It was harder than usual & we were a little slower than normal, but being almost the only ones on the beach was quite special!


I would have been happy to jog back again & go home, but Tim had other ideas! We jogged back to where he found a brilliantly placed log! Here Tim had me doing press ups, burpees, tricep dips, to name a few! I drew the line at sit ups complaining my hair would get too sandy!

Our ‘gym’ AKA ‘a log!’

Following this ‘fun’ assortment of exercises I was treated to hill sprints up the sand dune!!! I use the word sprint very loosely, as it was more of a jog, but I promise I was trying!!!

The hill sprint dune!

Thankfully this was the end of the workout & we walked back home, slowly, to face the day….I was feeling very virtuous as I was already at 7000 steps!!

The second day of our holiday our 14 year old decided he wanted to join us…I’m not sure he had been listening to my story properly!! He was staying in a chalet with his auntie, uncle & cousins so set an alarm to ensure he didn’t miss us going! We were fortunate he set his alarm as without the banging on the door I’m not sure we would have woken!

This time we decided to turn right on the beach & run the opposite way….variety is the spice of life & all that!!

We headed towards the lighthouse, which is clearly a lot further in reality as we didn’t reach it! At a mile & a half we decided to stop and turn back, but not without a quick selfie!!

Spot the lighthouse in the background!

Freddie joined us the next day too & was treated to the ‘log work out!!’

Not a bad view when stretching off!

A couple of mornings we weren’t really feeling the whole running thing, so went for a walk instead. We even dragged Tim’s brother & his wife along one morning!

One night we didn’t get to bed till gone 3am, as we were chatting & possibly drinking a little too much prosecco… As I was going to bed I declared to my ‘workweek hustle’ group on Fitbit, that I wouldn’t be up for ‘rubbing’ in the morning!

However, over the week I was reading ‘Running Like a Girl,’ (A totally fab read that I could really identify with.) it clearly motivated me as when I woke up, slightly fuzzy headed and having had about 5 hours sleep I decided to go for a walk! I headed on to the sand dunes & once there decided to run up and down some of the hills!?!? Total madness, but I came back feeling lots better!

I had a great holiday, spending time with all the family, relaxing and having lots of fun, but I also really enjoyed my early morning runs! Muscles that don’t normally hurt began to, but I guess this just proves that I used different muscles and benefitted from beach running, and probably from being barefoot too.

We’re back home now and I’m really missing the chance to run on the beach….somehow the streets of Fleet don’t have the same appeal…



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