Karen’s Summer Holiday Training & Fundraising

I have just returned back to work (yay!) from the most amazing summer holiday ever.

The first week in France with loads of Ward family. Lots of activities – running competitions around the local lake, tennis tournament, table tennis tournament, football tournament. So I felt that I had kept my exercise level up!

Then Steve and I went to Canada for 3 weeks. What a beautiful place. The general life style in Canada is one of activity – so we embraced it!

Whilst away – I found out that I had been accepted into the ThisGirlCanRun 10 team to take part in the Boudavida Women’s 10k event on 24th September in Windsor Great Park. I was so excited! I asked for the improvers training plan – and then wasn’t quite so excited! Boy that looks tough. It’s a 4 week plan – and unless I started it whilst away – I’m going to have to squash into 3 weeks – and dealing with jet lag at the same time. Hmm.

Yet I need to get the training going – and this will be a useful kick start. I intend to join a running club, and planning to complete a half marathon in October. I’m stressing about just how many training plans there are to choose from – so targeting individual events like this seems to be the way to go for me. Breaks it down into manageable ‘chunks’. Doesn’t make the marathon itself quite so scary (who am I kidding here!!!!)

I love being part of the ThisGirlCan team – although I still want to rename my bit as ThisWomanCan!

So – I made a concerted effort to do as much activity as I could during the 3 weeks in lieu of the 10k plan – I went on several 5k ish runs with Julie my sister in law. Hard work at the beginning – but became easier. Lots of swimming, tried paddle boarding for the first time, kayaking, haven’t been on a bike for years so that was fun (triathlon maybe our next challenge Charlotte!!) and several sessions of yoga (got to get in those stretches!). And hiking – and more hiking – each walk more stunning than the last.

Jogging around lost lake (I think!) in Whistler – watching out for black bears!


My first paddle board experience. Not a bad place to start!

If you haven’t been to Canada – go!

Then I sort of remembered that when in Cornwall I may have mentioned a bungee jump. Unfortunately the money came rolling in (although I would have made quite a lot from people who said they would sponsor me NOT to do it!).

On Monday 29th August the day dawned fine and bright – no lightening storms (the only time they cancel). It was booked for 16:30 so I was a little quiet that day – despite again some amazing views whilst walking in Squamish and Whistler itself.

We arrived on time – my nephew Tristan would be jumping too – and later we were going to be joined by another nephew Joe. I felt surprisingly cool about it – thinking about the money I had raised – and hoping for a flurry of supportive donations after the event.

I was reminded of a parachute jump that Julie and I did about 30 years ago for MIND the mental health charity. I asked her why she wouldn’t join me on the bungee jump today – she replied that she had grown a frontal lobe since then! Thanks Julie!

If I could do that – then I could do this. I think.

I had to sign a form to say basically if you die it’s not our fault, which freaked me out a little!

I was very aware of all the family photographers and video takers around me – so determined not to ‘loose it’ as I had seen several do before me. I would go on the first count down. Which I did! Once flying – it was the most brilliant thing I have ever done. I felt safe, secure, and free. Please watch the video put together by yet another brilliant nephew, Jacob.

Afterwards I felt extraordinarily exhilarated. I would have gone straight back up there to do it again if I could!


The video did bring about several more donations and I think in all I raised about £300 just for the jump. So worth it on so many levels. Even my children are impressed!

It’s now the 1st of September – the day put aside for starting ‘proper planning’ on both the training and fundraising. Will let you know how it’s going!

234 days to go!


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