September training &fundraising

September has dawned – on one side I’m gutted that the holidays are over and work starts today – on the other – it will be so much better to create a routine that I can stick to.

Having freaked out yet again at the number of training plans available – I have decided to focus on the Water of Life, Bisham Abbey Half on 23rd October.  So I have found an 8 week training plan which I am going to follow.  ish.

Lunch time walks are back on the menu – so 25 minutes around the block with anyone in the office who is available.  Sometimes only a couple of us – sometimes a whole group.  Its not far – but every little counts!!

Thursdays also are B-Fit night.  So an hour sent with Vikki Roberts – this is going to count as my ‘strength training’.

Friday 2/9/16 – my Garmin Forerunner 10 has arrived!!!  So excited (is that sad?).  Want to try it immediately so went for a run after work – unfortunately it wasn’t fully charged and so died about a mile in.  However I had started mapmyrun for backup and it said I did 5.4 miles in 1:12:30.  Considering I stopped for a quick chat with Steve, and a toilet stop behind a tree – I was very pleased as it’s the first ‘proper’ run I’ve done in weeks.  Slow and easy – but did it!

I also sent an email to the Bracknell Forest Runners to ensure I can pitch up on Monday.  Received one back really promptly – no problem

Saturday 03/09/16 – ran round Virginia Water and then a bit whilst Steve and Ellie walked.  5.5 miles but didn’t check the time.  Fast 1st mile about 11mins – but then got slower and slower.  I’m going to need to sort hydration.

Monday 5/9/16 – first night with Bracknell Forest Runners (BFR) –  Very nervous but they were all lovely.  Joined the 12-13 min group.  Ran about 5 miles – felt very comfortable and was able to chat most of the way!  Found 2 others who were running the Virgin London Marathon (VLM) next year for the first time too.  One has already booked a hotel for the night before – apparently BFR usually provide a coach up on the day.  Will have to look into that.  Definitely going to join.

Tuesday 6/9/16 – Pilates starts again – yay!

Wednesday 7/9/16 – 1st track session with the club.  They all look so serious!  But very friendly in my group (slowest again – 30+ min 5K).  – warm up – 90 sec run, rest 30 sec, run back to original point in 90 sec – 6 times. Then stretch.  Going to count this session as my ‘interval training’.

After Thursday B-Fit and Friday a fast finish run – I gave myself Saturday off.  I felt so guilty about not doing anything – really quite twitchy.  That made me a bit worried.  This is a symptom of over training – am I there already?  Hope not!!  And doubt it!!

I have been contacted by Promote PR who are covering the Windsor This Girl Can 10k event wanting to profile me!  Had a 15 minute chat with them from which they are going to put something together.  Apparently I get to see it before it’s published.  Certainly hope so because I was spouting rubbish!

My thoughts have turned to sorting hydration – I don’t fancy gels – and I understand you have to carry water to have with them anyway.  Checked out ‘the bible’ and it talked about home made isotonic drinks.  So I googled it and found a recipe – all it is – diluted squash and salt.  Dilution to varying strengths if using for hypertonic, isotonic or hypotonic (get me with the lingo!!)  So I made the isotonic one for during the run and it tasted terrible.  I then realised I was using concentrated squash and had overdone the salt!  Diluted it again and it was OK.

So on my Sunday ‘long run’ I ran 7 miles carrying a running bottle.  Took a sip (after I had worked out how to get the liquid out without shooting it down my front!) every 5 minutes or so.  The run itself was slow again – averaged 12:18.  First 6 were fine – but the last one was really slow.  So didn’t really help during the run – but when I finished I felt absolutely fine. Much better than I would normally after that distance.  Still needs work.  I did run out towards the end – so need to work out how to manage it on longer runs.  8 miles next week.

So reviewing my first week on my plan – done a lot!  About 18 miles in total.  Pleased with myself.

Missed the Monday run with the club as I got caught in traffic and missed them by 2 minutes – annoying.  So went home and ran from there.  Again 5 miles.  Again start well 11 min – then get slower.  Am I starting too fast then not able to maintain it?  Perhaps I would be better to start at 12 min and see if I can sustain it.  Will try that on my next one.

Have seriously mucked up half term holiday by booking Bisham as we can’t leave until late afternoon on the Sunday.  Oops. I am not popular.  Have also booked for the inaugural Farnborough Half in January.  This running is taking over my life.  I knew it was going to – but didn’t realise to what extent.  Nearly every weekend has either an event – or a fundraising thing planned.

The black bin bags are coming in really fast – they have taken over the garage.  People are being so generous – but I will be glad when they are picked up!

CB and I are selflessly going to visit several pubs around the Sandhurst area to identify one that we can do the quiz in.  We are planning it for late January/early February – when social diaries are quiet.

Have been trying to ‘roller’.  1st time was OK – but I twinged a calf I think during a stretch I wasn’t used to – so when I did it again – I couldn’t! Absolute agony.  So I gave up and used the little hard ball that the physio gave me for just such a purpose.  Hurt – but controllable.  Will have to try the roller again – but may leave it a day or two!

I’ve also noticed a big surge in the amount of night sweats I am having.  Thought they had all gone.  They seem to be picking up with the amount of exercise I am doing.  I noticed a few years back that the more I exercised – the less I slept.  Going to have to investigate this.

Also thinking about nutrition.  Have been warned that although I can eat more – its not an excuse to get fat!  So need to focus on what I am eating.  The morning Nutribullet is going well.  I am now thinking about what I eat before and after a run (don’t think a post run blueberry muffin at VW cuts it tho!).  So have bought some protein balls for such occasions.  I do appear to be putting on some weight – but early days yet.

Saturday 17/09/16 felt a bit nervous that the Boudavida Windsor 10K is coming up and I haven’t practised hills.  So did a Hill run stint up Harvest Ride.  Felt that!

Sunday 18/09/16 8 miles!  Ran from home to Blacknest Gate and then around Virginia Water.  The first 5 miles I managed to maintain around 12 min miles.  And then slowed up.  But that’s way better than before!

Decided I’m going to ‘taper’ this week.  (It was chucking it down on Monday – Netball was cancelled and I failed on my first wet run test!)

I’m in The Bracknell News!!  The Promote PR piece has appeared. Felt morally obliged to join BFR immediately as I’ve mentioned them in the piece!!

Ordered some fundraising stuff from Asthma UK and had a lovely message back saying how they were enjoying the blog and I should be proud of myself and achievements so far. I feel that I am being swept along in a tide of goodwill.  At some point I’m going to be dumped with the flotsam and jetsam!

Friday 23/9. I  want to share with you how despondent I am feeling right now. I went for a health check this evening. You’ll be glad to know I have only a 3% chance of getting a cardiovascular problem in the next 10 years, blood pressure,  sugars and cholesterol all good.  However apparently I’m borderline obese and need to lose 6kg sharpish.  Also,  when I told the nurse I am running a marathon next year  – she said ‘how the hell are you going to do that with asthma? ‘.

Confidence well and truly out the window.  Hope it’s back before the 10k tomorrow.  Charlotte being supportive as always via text. Ellie says BMI not legitimate anymore.  Still hurts tho. Jo Pavey has asthma – and Paula Radcliffe.  They do OK.

The Boudavida 10K has now happened.  Achieved my goal of less than 12 mins per mile (actually 11:53) – but not Charlottes goal of me doing a PB in something starting with a 6.  next time Charlotte!  It was very hot! This is all written up in our joint blog of the day.

With BFR on Monday completing about 4.5 miles again around the 11:50 mark (really pleased as I talked most of the way round!).  Last Pilates with Neha on Tuesday 😦 but starts again next week with another teacher on Thursday.

Track session last night – run like the clappers around the track – then rest whilst your partner  runs round – then again – and again and again and again! Phew!  Was much better pacing myself by the end.

B-Fit tonight and then I plan to run about 10 miles tomorrow as cant do it over the weekend due to visitors – then its October!






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