Proper training….

Back when I signed up for the marathon the summer holidays were stretched out ahead & when people asked about training my standard response was ‘I’m still running a few times a week, but I’m going to start training properly in September, when I’m back to work & routine.’ Now the summer holidays are a distant memory & yet training doesn’t feel like it’s properly under way!

Karen returned from her summer holidays with a special marathon present for me….a journal for me to record my thoughts.  I’ve been jotting things in there over the month, lots probably won’t make the blog as I’m not sure you’d be that interested, but I thought I’d have a look at it whilst writing this.

The first entry is 5th September…term started on the 1st, but that was a Thursday & according to my rules you can never start a new regime on any other day bar Monday!!  It states; ‘today is the start of marathon training, apart from I forgot!!’ As you can see I’ve really started well! To be fair I did go out for a run that night. Only 3.5 miles, but at least I got out. I even attempted to mix it up a little by sprinting between some lampposts. I’d read about the importance of speed training & varying your training so thought I should give it a shot. I’m not sure the author of the book meant go for a normal run & randomly sprint between 2 lampposts on 2 occasions, but hey the thought was there!! I think I may need to look into this properly if I want it to have any kind of impact though.

Since that initial ‘start of proper training’ run I have continued to run a couple of times a week, returned to B-fit & started to reinstate a long run at the weekend. I’ve actually really enjoyed my long runs & have been happy with the pace, although will need to get a bit quicker if I’d like to achieve my target for marathon day…

B-fit continues to be a highlight of my week & will definitely feature in my training plan. For those that don’t know B-fit started last year for those of us who were completing the Bracknell half. Vikki put together sessions to help support our training. We covered a variety of things, standard circuit training, interval training, strength exercise, core work , the list goes on! We enjoyed the sessions so much that they continued after the half but being opened up to all BFC workers. It is still a friendly group & we have a lot of laughs! In fact at the time I don’t realise how hard she works us ….. although I always feel it the day after!

We’re almost at the end of September & I’ve still not developed a ‘proper’ training plan! I’ve spent ages looking at all the different options & getting more & more stressed about what I should do but in all honesty I don’t appear to be any further on! Apparently I need to incorporate long runs, steady runs, hill work, interval training, strength exercises, stretching & rest days! I’m sure I’ve missed stuff in that list too. Most of these things are recommended to be completed once a week, but then they talk about over training! It’s just too much when you also need to consider work, life, kids activities etc! Marathon training appears to be a full time job, not to mention the fundraising too!

I know the marathon is still a long way off  (at the time of writing this 206 days to be precise!) Most official plans are only 16 weeks so I’m sure continuing as I am for a while isn’t too much of a problem, but for my own sanity I feel I need to get it sorted soon. Then I can move on to other worries…hydration & nutrition! I can tell I’m going to be a bundle of laughs from now till April 23rd! Sorry family!


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