T minus 199!

For those of you that know me in real life, and have known me for over 18 months,  you may recall I went on an amazing holiday in August 2015! 2 weeks in Florida on an amazing once in a lifetime trip. (Resisting the urge to share photos of the trip….)

I was somewhat excited about the trip & had a countdown on my phone for about 14 months beforehand!! It counted down to the second that we were due to take off…we were actually three hours delayed but I resisted the urge to show the staff my countdown! Everyone I met in that 14 months knew exactly how long it was till our holiday….In fact you didn’t have to meet me in real life as I kept everyone up to date on Facebook too!

When I signed up for the marathon a number of friends asked if I was going to have a countdown app & would I be sharing the number of days left as regularly as I had before! I resisted the urge to start with, but decided it might be useful / scary to know, so downloaded one!

Today it is less than 200 days till the whistle blows on hopefully another once in a lifetime experience. Slightly scary really as that training plan is still to be developed & this week I’ve hardly moved due to an achey back….

Will I still be smiling during a full marathon….

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