Another week another 10k!

Our good friend Annie is somewhat of a fitness fanatic & a regular runner.  Last year when we were training for the Bracknell half she was seriously ill with meningitis, and was unsure if she would still compete. However around a month after coming out of hospital she came on a training run with us & despite her illness she was having to loop round so as to avoid getting too far ahead of us!! I think this sets the scene for her fitness levels in comparison to ours!! Annie had competed in the Wellesley 10k last year, it’s inaugural year, and asked if we wanted to join her this year.

This is another joint blog entry so after (yet again) leaving Charlotte to do the bulk – I’m just going to add in my thoughts as and when

We all signed up & back then I was hoping I could use Annie to help me improve on my PB! However in the run up to race day I was fighting off a cold, which I finally succumbed too. The week before the race I did no running at all, as I was determined I wanted to be well enough for the race. There was a free t-shirt at stake!

I was very happy to do the race without ‘encouragement’ from Charlotte.  So I was really looking forward to it – to the point where I was nearly an hour early.  When I texted both Annie and Charlotte to say I had arrived – both said ‘well I’m just getting dressed and I’ll get going’.  hmm.

Race day arrived and I prepared with a lemsip! The PB was no longer important, I just wanted to get round! However it was a beautiful day, in fact pretty perfect race conditions.

We all met up before the start and had a quick catch up, then Annie was off to find the pen for sub 60 minutes!! Karen & I found the pen as far back as we could possibly go! And it was time for the off.  There was a double buggy behind us – it finished in front of us.

We almost forgot the before photo, so Annie was long gone!

Karen & I took it slowly, plodding along relatively near the back! It started off along the canal & actually we were wanting to overtake some people! Eventually we got the opportunity to do some overtaking as the crowds thinned out. I would actually like to point out that although it may have been slow for Charlotte – I was actually ahead of my personal target time for the first mile.  The weather was perfect – Sunny but not hot – lots of shade.

The views along the canal and through the woods were stunning. It was definitely a trail run with lots of uneven ground. I’m not usually a fan of off road running but I was appreciating the stunning views…the photos don’t do it justice at all. Agreed.  Our time was further restricted by all the photo stops.  For the first time ever we actually chatted for most of the run.  This for me was a huge first!  Mind you – I didn’t have to talk much

At around 5k I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it, I was feeling pretty shattered! When we looked at our average speed over the race it was fairly obvious this had happened, as we had massively slowed down! However we kept going and I started to enjoy myself again.

It was around this point that Charlotte saved my life – well my wrists at any rate. Not fully concentrating on my feet, I tripped over a tree root and went flying.  Charlotte literally grabbed my arm (amazing reaction times) and stopped me from falling – if I had landed on my hands, which was highly likely – it would not have ended well. Thank you friend

The marshalls along the route were so amazing, always smiling & encouraging us….I’m a little disappointed not to have a picture of some of them!

Look – people behind us!!

We came back to civilisation and towards the finish line in Aldershot Military Athletics Stadium …. like a ‘proper’ race!!

So busy wanting to capture the end being in an actual athletics stadium I forgot the sprint finish!

There’s Annie on the left of our picture cheering us along to the end! She had finished a long time before us!!

With our medals…very much deserved!

After the race we rushed off…both of us wanted to get home. I just wanted to chill out for the rest of the day. However the traffic had another idea, and we ended up sat in the car park trying to leave for around an hour! It was a fabulous race, but that was the only thing that spoilt it. Although I’m sure I’ll be back next year! More ladies loos would have been good – bit of a panic before the race due to the queues

Once I got home I had to try on the t-shirt. It’s not normally a colour I would go for but I have to say I really like it!  Its great for night running tho – really bright!

What a t-shirt! I actually love it, even if Madi isn’t convinced!



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