Marathon training goes European!

So this weekend I’ve been visiting my sister Rachel in Germany. She had her fourth child at the end of July & this was the first opportunity I have had to meet her.

The reason for the visit….my gorgeous new niece!

I planned to pack my running gear but wasn’t sure I would have time to use it given it was a flying visit.

Rachel & her family attend a German speaking church and I don’t speak a word of German, actually I speak a word as you’ll find out later but not a lot, so Rachel had planned to stay at home with me. However in the end her husband was taking part in the service so she wanted to be there, as a result we both decided that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to go for a run.

On Saturday night Rachel got a map out and suggested where I might run. Thankfully she also had a map I could take a long! Despite them having lived in the same house for over 10 years I don’t exactly know the area!!

The trusty map!

When they left for church just before 9am it was only 3 degrees so I decided I’d wait a little while before making a move…although in all honesty I’m not sure it was that much warmer.

Ready for the off

I headed off with my trusty map in my pocket. It came out at every possible junction just to confirm I was heading in the right direction.

As I was running a long I ‘met’ lots of other people out & about. I greeted them all with a cheery smile & ‘morgen!’ Not many acknowledged me! However Rachel said morgen is not the word I should have used in these circumstances!

As I continued along I became quite hot and so took off my running jacket. I was now running along bumping into people wearing scarves and hats whilst I was wearing a tshirt. What with that, my map and my cheery morgen, they must have all thought I was a crazy British lady!

Looking slightly hot near the end!

Rach and I went for a walk later in the day and as someone was coming towards me she said I needed to move over to the right….I had not being doing that when I was running, so yet another mistake I made!!

Along the way there was some beautiful scenery, but also some slightly random ‘German’ things!

Random German thing number 1! Apparently you’re meant to walk round this in the water like a stork!!
Random German thing number 2! It’s almost like a little chapel on the edge of a field in the middle of nowhere…

I had to pass under the railway at one point and was almost doubled over!! I kept thinking if I was struggling there was no way Karen would have got under!!

Struggling to get under the railway!

You will be pleased to know I made it back and actually would have probably been ok without the map, but nice to have the reassurance!

7.2 miles completed abroad…I’m sure that makes me a proper runner putting overseas training into my plan!! It wasn’t the quickest probably in part because I kept stopping to take photos and look at the map, but at least I did it!


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