Cake Sales

For Charlotte and I the last 2 weeks has been taken over entirely by searching out recipes,baking, dreaming, thinking, and eating, cake. Possibly longer than two weeks as I started over half term! Never before have I frozen cakes, but it worked really well. Not sure I’ll use this knowledge again in the future but you never know! 

I have never baked quite so much, for quite so many. I felt like my best friend Emma who bakes professionally…although I can assure you they were no where near her standards! I can safely say that for a whole 30 minutes last Friday – I never wanted to see, or eat another cake. I kept saying that, yet I kept eating more! 

Every meeting we went to, every course we attended, for the whole week we took cakes, whether they were expecting it or not.


Our own efforts were superseded by contributions from others – we would like to personally thank, Pip & Peter Stubbs, Elaine Gunstone, Joe Carter, Marianne Paul, Gill Keeling, Emily Cannell, Laura Gow and anyone else who may have slipped in a cake I didn’t see!


We raised an ASTONISHING £256 (and I personally added a further 6lbs – every little counts!!). I haven’t liked to weigh myself …. I’m not sure I’ve done enough running to make up for what I’ve consumed! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who dared to eat our cakes, and paid for the privilege to do so.

Now maybe it’s time to think a bit more about training rather than fundraising! 


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