This had to be the hardest 10k I have ever done. It was set in the stunning grounds of Ashton Park in Bristol. I had been looking forward to it. Julie, my sister in law from Canada that I had run with in the summer (previous blog mention ) and I had agreed to do it as a training run for us both whilst she was in the UK. This was the only one that suited her timing. Unfortunately I hadn’t checked out the profile.  Big mistake.

However, I was very keen to support this charity. Having 2 brothers who have had prostate cancer, mens health is close to my heart.

A bonus on the day was that we met up with a fellow AUK runner. Only briefly, but it was lovely to meet someone else on the same journey.

With Deborah

We were also joined by family members Bee & Ed. Altho Bee was poorly and didn’t do the race.


The race started by going up hill, and then carried on going up, and up, for about 3k! Level and then down for 2k. Then do it all again!

Half way

I really suffered breathing wise and had to resort to the inhaler several times. Fortunately Julie was amazingly supportive. We power walked the hills, and caught up with ourselves on the downhill sections. So timewise it was about the same as Windsor.

The End

Disappointed with myself about the hills.  Going to have to focus on some training there I think.






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