Charlottes training update

I thought I should give you all an update as it’s been so long since I blogged. When I’ve had a race or fundraising event it’s easy to think about blogging, but the day to day training seems to go past without me mentioning it. Although when I’m running I often plan posts…they just don’t become a reality when I get back home! So anyway here I am!

Training started in earnest at the beginning of November. After months of looking at training plans & trying to decide what would work best I decided to go with the ASICS one. I programmed in what I could run, how often I could train & it generated a plan. I’m running two short runs a week, about 4.5 miles at the moment, & the most they get up to is about 6.5 miles & then one longer run at the weekend. I’m still going to B-fit on a Thursday, I’ve started Pilates on a Tuesday & the plan is to get up early on a Thursday to do a 30 minute Davina DVD that concentrates on squats & lunges….something I really need to focus on due to my weak muscles….although I will be honest & say I haven’t got out of bed to do that every week!!

It was all going quite well, hitting the time targets it set me, but then I started to struggle with my ankle. Initially I ran through the pain, thinking it would get better, but it didn’t! I decided to have a week off thinking maybe I had just been overtraining & not doing enough strength work. This helped a bit, but it still wasn’t right. In fact on Wednesday I went for a run & had my best average speed but then got home & everything seized up & I couldn’t walk!! I think everyone had enough of me moaning about it, but not getting any professional advice and Karen almost forced me to book a physio appointment! To be honest they were all right as if I don’t get it sorted now it’ll end up getting close and be too late.

I finally saw the physio yesterday. I’d waited to see Duncan at MIDAS physio as he was recommended by a friend. He was brilliant & there was an immediate difference. However the pain he inflicted at the time & the bruising I feel today is not so great! Hopefully it’ll all be worth it though. Thankfully he has said I can continue to run, (never thought I’d say that!!) although told me to cut short the planned 8.5 today. There is no major problem just weak & tight muscles. I’ve got exercises & stretches he has said I need to do religiously & I really must get into that habit.

I went for 5 miles this morning & it felt a bit weird but I think that was to be expected. I ran down the high street which was covered in hundreds of little knitted Christmas angels! Apparently members of local churches have been making them all year. They all had different messages on them, although I didn’t know that at the time. Randomly the one I picked up said ‘Don’t give up!’ The quote seemed so apt & made me quite emotional as I was running!


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