Rubbish Running!

This week I have struggled with my two runs, despite only being 4.5 miles each. 😞 Yesterday my ankle ached, the rain was in my face, and it just felt slow & rubbish. Actually when I got back & checked my average time although it was 30 seconds a mile slower than previously, it was still within target time, so I tried not to be too downhearted. Today was worse…still had an achey ankle, and every 1/2 mile it told me I was slower than my target time! Very disheartening rather than motivating! I just couldn’t find the speed & sure enough I was slower than yesterday & only just made it within the target time bracket! I’m not sure what the problem has been….my dodgy ankle, the fact I’m exercising it everyday & it’s tired, my excessive eating meaning I’m already carrying extra weight, the fact I need new trainers (they are under the Christmas tree….well they will be when Tim wraps them!) who knows, but hoping it’s a blip as a few weeks ago I was feeling so positive. I’m due to do 8.5 on Christmas Eve & hoping I may have my mojo back!!!


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