Frosty Training Run

When we first moved to Church Crookham, it’ll be 10 years in May, we lived in the RAF/Army Quarters which were surrounded by fields. The kids were younger then & liked to spend time with us!! We’d walk over the fields to a lovely park, that also happened to be close to a lovely pub…. I remember one particular walk when Madi managed to end up losing a croc in mud!! It quite literally disappeared despite poking around in the mud with a stick for some time! She must have been about 8 at the time & I remember walking back home with her in only one croc declaring ‘if any of my friends are playing out I will be so embarrassed.’ Now at 16 I think she’d be more embarrassed by the crocs rather than  the one shoe look!!

Anyway, back to the reason for the blog today! All of that area has been developed over the years with a large housing estate now on the land that was once Queen Elizabeth Barracks. However as part of the development they have improved some of the fields, with footpaths & walkways meaning Madi would never need to lose another croc!! 😉 Tim & I went for a walk there the other afternoon & I remembered how beautiful it is & thought how nice it might be to run round there.


I only had a 4.5 mile run scheduled for today so decided to take the opportunity to try out my new trail shoes & the tracks! You will be pleased to know it was a winner on both counts! My shoes felt good & gripped well. I could feel the difference even just on the icy pavements. Hopefully it’ll be a mild winter & I won’t need to use them too regularly for that purpose, but good to know they’ll help if needed!

I had worked up a sweat by this point….earlier I’d had my funky hood with a ponytail hole up!!

The scenery was beautiful, despite only being a couple of miles from home. It makes a difference running somewhere beautiful…..I’m getting a little bored of looking at the same houses, wondering which one I might like to live in one day! The Christmas lights over the last few weeks livened things up for a while, but I’m bored of them too now!!

There are also old pillboxes dotted all over the area. Most of them seem to have the entrances blocked, but there are a couple you can go in. It’s amazing to think of the history the area has seen…. The old rifle range is still there as you come back to the edge of the new estate, although unfortunately it has been covered in graffiti now.

Pillboxes at the top of the hill … Not the best photo, but I didn’t think to take a picture whilst I was up there & wasn’t going to run back up so just tried zooming in instead!!

I think it’s safe to say I shall go running there again. I may even drag the kids out for old times sake!




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