Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged in a while and have been shamed into it by Charlotte being so prolific over Christmas!

My training took a downturn couple of weeks before the festivities due to a fluey cold that meant no exercise for over 2 weeks. I then struggled to get back into it especially as we then hit the very busy break.  But I slogged on through – starting back slowly and then building up.

Made the decision to change my training plan again. Have now started on premium Endomondo (getting it free for some reason!) It’s ‘dynamic’ which I think means when you forget one it puts another one in for you! It doesn’t go higher than 17 miles tho which worries me a bit – so I think I’ll make up the long runs as I go along and it will have to cope!

Workplace challenge started again this week which always help to focus me. Can’t believe how competitive I get. I really enjoy seeing my points build up against other people. One day I’ll get one of those spot prizes!

Went for a 10 miler today with my friend Laura. I struggled with my asthma – apparently I was ‘wheezing a little ‘ which is polite speak for being reeeaaaaally slow as I couldn’t breathe! And I fell over! Not elegant. Did it though! Building up to Farnborough half in 2 weeks time and of course Quiz Night!!! 😨

Bit disappointed with Bracknell forest runners this week. I joined because they did winter long distance training and last year had a really slow group. This year the slowest is 12mm which is too quick for me. Despite asking for a slower group they haven’t been forthcoming. To be fair there was a separate 8 miler last Thursday – at 12 to 12:30. But I bottled it as I’m more a 12:30+ at that distance!  I’ll just stick to Mondays hour and track on a Wednesday and do my long runs on my own or with Laura (if she can bear it!)

Had a sports massage on Friday – sure it did me good – but I wish I hadn’t.  My glutes really suffering.  Another excuse for poor run today? No – just a poor run (it was raining!)

So it’s 2017 – can no longer say ‘don’t have to worry – not till next year’. Time is a ticking!




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