Double figures!

So today I was meant to run 11 miles, this would be the furthest I had run since my half marathon last May. I didn’t realise I was nervous, but clearly I was ….. I woke up feeling slightly dodgy, Tim bought croissants which I’d normally be really pleased with, but I didn’t think they would be the best running fuel! I had one & didn’t fancy another anyway….another sign I wasn’t right!! I went & had some porridge, the breakfast of choice on any long run day! I continued to procrastinate….I had intended to be running by 9, but at 10 I wasl still getting ready. It was then it dawned on me that I was probably slightly anxious. When I was training for the Bracknell half all my long training runs were completed with Karen, so it also felt weird going out for double digits on my own! I Whatsapped Karen & Laura. Laura is another friend from work who is running the London Marathon! She’s not running for Asthma UK, but a child’s mental health charity. Laura’s fundraising page if you fancy donating to her!!

I explained I was struggling to get out & they gave me exactly the pep talk I needed….reminded me how hard Bracknell had been but that I did it & reminded me not to worry about time, getting round is more important etc. So off I went!

It was another cold day but I was sporting my favourite top with a hood & which more importantly has a hole for my ponytail!!! I’m super excited as my sister in Germany has managed to buy me another one! Madi will be thrilled I have another as she already stresses her friends may see me out running in it! I have threatened to get a sign made that I can wear whilst out explaining she’s my daughter!! Just in case you haven’t seen it I thought i’d share a picture!!


I don’t normally take water or gels with me, but as I was hitting double digits I thought I should take something. I decided to try a Lucozade as they’re given out free on the actual day, so I wanted to know how I’d get on with them. I had a sip or two every half a mile & although it wasn’t my favourite thing I didn’t suffer any unsavoury effects, so hopefully all should be ok on the day. I need to try the gels too though.

I got to about where I thought was half a mile & my phone didn’t beep to tell me, I wasn’t particularly worried & carried on. However it didn’t beep at all, so I decided to stop & check what was happening. Annoyingly it hadn’t registered how far I’d run, just that I’d been running for 9 minutes and 22 seconds! I know it’s just under a mile to where I’d got to & decided I’d double check once I got home so I was certain! I reset my app & started from there.

I carried on running & although I was slower than my target time I was fairly consistent in what I was running. I actually felt quite good & decided I should run till my app said 11 miles, that way I’d get the well done from it! Even though it would mean I’d run nearly 12 miles.

I’d just come up a hill & my app had said 9 miles (so actually 10!) when I was starting to feel a bit more fed up & not sure whether I wanted to carry on till it said 11! As I turned the corner some of our good friends were sat in their car waiting at the traffic lights. They starting shouting out their windows….encouraging stuff, not abuse…..and it was just the boost I needed! Suddenly I was smiling again & the spring in my step had returned! In fact at the next half mile marker it told me I was going faster than my target pace! I’m hoping they’ll be in London cheering me on too!! It really made me realise how important the support from others will be on the day.

After my ‘Burton Boost’ I decided I would carry on till my app said 11 miles. I finished in 2 hours 7 minutes, so 11.35min miles. Slower than Asics are setting as my race pace, but I was fairly consistent so I’m happy! And in actual fact I did 11.9 miles in 2 hours 16 minutes. Bring on the inaugural Farnborough Half Marathon next Sunday!!


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