My plan (yes I have finally settled on one – again) said 10/11 miles today. When I looked at the weather on Friday night and saw that it was due to chuck it down today – I planned to go yesterday instead.  But I had an amazing surprise on Friday night when Matt & Molly turned up for the weekend 😀.  Then on Saturday we had the added pleasure of 2 further Bristol Wards with girlfriends.  So after watching footy ( not good), playing snooker (winner!!), dinner and lots of games – running wasn’t an option!

Unfortunately today’s forecast was bang on accurate.  It was very, very wet. But no excuses – so I geared up (very reluctantly ) and went off with the intention of completing 10 miles.

I took one of the lucozade gels with me – and after reading Charlottes blog yesterday decided to sip it from mile 3. Well I thought I had a sweet tooth – but this was something else! Like Bongela meets golden syrup! But it did it’s job. By 8.5 miles I decided I could go further – so took a detour and finished at 11.5! Really pleased with myself.

Seem to have sorted the inhaler routine,  and getting there with nutrition during the run. It was my quads and glutes that struggled today. So maybe all those articles I’ve been reading about completing lunges and squats every day are right after all!

The first hour I was bang on target, 2nd hour slower, and the last couple of miles were snails pace. Charlottes says we have to work on our negative splits! I’ll go and look that up in a minute!

Next Sunday is the inaugural Farnborough half and then quiz night. As I’m stressing about the quiz night I’m not even thinking about the run. That’s a good thing – especially as it starts at 9:00am 😨

I feel so much happier now I’m not concerned about time. I’ll still get the medal!



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