Quiz night

Sunday was not only Farnborough Half Marathon it was also our biggest single fundraising event!! In all honesty it would have been better if we had chosen different days, however various factors combined to mean it was our only opportunity so we just ‘ran’ with it. In some ways I was quite glad they were on the same day.  I was so stressed about the quiz I hadn’t even thought about the half in the morning!

We weren’t really sure on a venue, but decided it might be sensible to opt for somewhere half way between both of our houses, however that meant we had no idea who to approach! We asked a friend at work, Sarah, for some suggestions as she lives half way & she suggested we try The Village Inn in Sandhurst. We popped in to check it out & they couldn’t have been more helpful. Ash, the General Manager, is actively involved in fundraising himself & has hosted many quizzes, so he was full of useful tips & suggestions. I had suggested that we trawl all the local pubs to find a venue – but we decided that might have been a touch dangerous!  Anyway -it would interfere with our training wouldn’t it?!

Apparently a  quiz night is one of the easiest things to arrange ….. I’m not sure we would totally agree with this statement! If that’s easy ……..! Karen’s husband kindly agreed to compile the quiz questions for us, and he did a great job. Although a few people commented on the difficulty of the questions! I will be honest & say I was just glad to be reading them out rather than trying to answer them! Karen & I had spent a couple of hours pounding the streets of Crowthorne the week before, asking the local businesses for donations for the raffle & they couldn’t have been more generous. We ended up combining some prizes to make hampers, so the draw didn’t take all night!

Before the madness started posing with the raffle prizes. (Wish I’d worn heels as I look like a midget!!) I am trying to slouch!

The night itself arrived & I will be honest I would have quite happily sat on the sofa in the warm, I was feeling a little tired after the half marathon. Although my husband politely reminded me I’d run 12 miles the weekend before & hadn’t moaned all afternoon about being tired!!  We had no real idea of how many people were going to turn up. We’d created an events page on Facebook & according to that about 25 people were attending, however everyone we’d spoken to at work kept mentioning it so we had a feeling it might be busier. We weren’t wrong!!! We arrived at 7pm to set up & the place was already pretty busy. Queue slight panic about where people were going to sit! At this point we started to bring in tables & chairs from outside! They were cold & damp, but at least people had somewhere to sit. I’m not actually sure where we put them all as it looked pretty full before we even started bringing them in! We still didn’t have enough though & some people had to just stand! (Sorry to all of you!!) We worked out that there were about 100 people taking part!

Karen & I darted round taking the £3 entry fee & selling raffle tickets, before starting the quiz at 8pm. We had a bit of a nightmare start to the quiz with a number of technical difficulties. Apparently they don’t use the PA system often, so it took a while to suss it all out. With hindsight it’s probably something we should have checked out beforehand! Thankfully we got it sorted in the end & I could start with the quiz questions. Our plan to alternate reading the questions went out of the window as we didn’t want to risk changing anything! That meant  I was left with updating  the answer spread sheet – Charlotte had already asked me to ‘write nicely’ so she could read my writing! As I had nowhere to sit – I ended up on the step with people crawling over me to get to the bar! I was also intensely panicked that I would be unable to add 2 numbers together under pressure – so thank you Katy for checking my maths!

The whole evening seemed to go really well, with first place being fairly consistent all night. (Well done to The Sundowners!) The other positions seemed to change all the time. In fact at one point the eventual losers were third!! As the alcohol flowed the noise level & heckling appeared to increase!

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves & all the feedback has been very positive, but the most important thing for Karen & I is that we raised £614 for Asthma UK! A big chunk of the money we need to raise, which is fantastic.  Despite requests – we are not doing another one!

A massive thank you to everyone who attended, helped (Lesley, Emma, Debra, Julie) or donated prizes for the raffle, including;

L&E Cakecraft

Berkshire Cycle Company

Salon 55

Dopson Butchers

The Cookie Jar

Sarai Hair & Beauty

Dog Scents


The Village Inn

day2day repairs

The Village Cobbler

Nathan Chapman Photography

Sweet Times

Handy DIY Store


That’s Nice; Independent Health Shop


The Candy Box




Crowthorne Best One

Sarah, Kathy & Charlotte’s in-laws!



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