Charlotte’s great idea…or not!

This week my training plan had my long run down for 11 miles, but as I’d run 13 last week I thought I’d stick with that figure. (The furthest my plan suggests is about 18.5, & I’ve already decided I want to do more than that so tweaking now will help with that.)

I decided over the week that it would be a good idea to go off road….it would work different muscles, hopefully help some of the niggley aches I get pounding the pavements & be a different route. It seemed like a great idea.

I’m going to be honest I’m not sure it was one of my best ideas!! I left the house & headed over to behind the Tweseldown Pub (for those that know the area.) It felt like I just ran up hills for about 5 miles!! For those who know the area I ended up at the top by the Shell petrol station on the way to Farnham. The road that is the direct route of the way I ran is called Beacon Hill Road, and it’s not lying about the hill! All I kept thinking was how my uncle loves this type of running & he must be completely mad!!! I was a lot slower than normal but I’d expected that so wasn’t overly bothered. The views were beautiful (especially when I was running back down!) & it was so peaceful, but I’m still not sure I’ll do lots of off road during my training!!

I decided to turn round & find an alternative route at this point….the hill looked pretty much vertical & look closely & you’ll see cows freely grazing! 

I was very grateful to get back out on to pavements for the last 4.5 miles!! However I still didn’t pick up much pace, I think the hills had taken it out of me!! Despite having a lucozade with me & 2 gels I got home & had to sit straight down as I felt a little dizzy & sick. 2 glasses of chocolate milk, bread & water sorted me out though! And I just think I’m just grateful there won’t be any muddy hills in London!!


One thought on “Charlotte’s great idea…or not!

  1. My next door neighbour fell runs for the UK – so similarly mad!! But – he did run the London marathon in the same time as Paula Radcliffe (in fact I saw him on the BBC coverage running with her!!) Clearly it’s good training!! (And yes, Uncle John is mad! The Price variety not Wareing – obvs!)

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