Today the real training started

Today’s run felt psychologically weird. I was due to do 14 miles. Further than I have ever ‘run’ before (for run read power walk up the hills then run again!). I have several half’s under my belt and continually improving my times, but this was different.

I had a sports massage on Friday and Rosemary (the massagist ) told me that it would be different.  No excitement of the ‘race’, no other runners pulling you along, no encouragement from crowds, and no goody bag at the end! Boy was she right.

I looked at my plan to see if I  could get away with less – but I can’t. There’s only 12 weeks left – and 3 of those are taper!

I decided to plan it as for a race ie eat 2 hours before, make sure I keep moving in that 2 hours and not just sit and watch TV (or go back to bed!) This I did. And then spectacularly failed everything else. I forgot to boost my carbs (jelly babies ) before I set off, forgot to take a puff on my inhaler and forgot to have a small drink before I left. I then decided to try out a different gel – which when I took it 3 miles in almost had me retching in the bushes – not nice – but had to persist as had nothing else. Yeuch. Then realised I had dressed as for previous runs at best 0 degrees, at worst minus 6! Not that cold today so I’m going to boil!

The first 5 miles where good. Bit faster than the negative split I had planned, but a really good time for me. The next 7 were rubbish – and i can’t tell you why. My chest was fine, my glutes and quads felt good (probably due to the massage!) Maybe we’re back to nutrition and hydration again. There aren’t lovely people handing you water on a training run!

This time I didn’t get lost. But I did end up going up a very muddy path, and an uncomfortable underpass that I won’t do again. Although I was within metres of a busy road, being in the woods I felt isolated. Made worse when a car drove down the path (don’t know how he managed it) and asked directions!  I suggested he go down to the bottom and turn round and I would meet him at the top of the hill by which point I would know exactly where I was – never saw him again! He did have a phone so I don’t feel guilty that I didn’t go back into the dark and dingy forest!

I suddenly realised that I was close to 11 miles (battery on phone running low) so I switched to my phone. And I felt not too bad at all! Even considered running 15! Don’t know what the phone had to do with it!   So at mile 12 I ran the last 2 miles at a reasonable pace. Very pleased. When I reached 14 I also reached the bottom of a hill! So I decided to stop and walk the remaining 1.5miles home rather than phoning the husband .

So now I’m in a position where I have exceeded the 13.2 barrier – and that’s over half way! ! 😎


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