I love my life!

When we started this blog we promised it would be the highs & lows of training so I thought I’d write a quick post as this week has had both of those!

Last Saturday was Meeting the Expert day organised by Virgin London Marathon. It was an amazing day. I think it reassured me that I’m taking my training seriously & doing ok, but it did make me think I need to take nutrition more seriously. I’ve not done great with that this week either. 😬 The stories of people who have previously taken part were totally inspirational & left me feeling very excited! The only down side for me was that although I got to hear Baasit Siddiqui (Gogglebox) talk I didn’t actually get to meet him!! My sister suggested he might have been hiding from me worried I was some kind of stalker having tweeted him the night before!!

Sunday was ‘long run’ day but it was a rest week, so it was actually only 6.5 miles! Tim said he’d come with me, well for the first 3 miles anyway! I had a great run & was really pleased with my average pace. I was meant to be running at a comfortable pace but actually smashed my target fast pace! Having Tim with me really pushes me to go faster. It’s a shame he can’t come with me on a Wednesday, which is my ‘fast’ run night, as I think it would really help me.

Monday was recovery jog & it was fine. It’s only short & again I ran faster than the target pace my app set…..but then that does seem ridiculously slow!

Wednesday was fast run night. It was anything but fast!! It was such hard work. Everywhere from my lower back and below hurt at some point! I tried to run on the grass verges to help with the pain in my calves/shins. My pace was ridiculously slow, slower than I’ve run for ages! I contemplated stopping & walking at one point, but thankfully carried on ‘running.’ That was the only positive I could take afterwards!! Karen had to miss her run & text me saying she was jealous I’d got out….I told her not to be as it had been hideous! I got home & said it had been awful. Tim said he’d checked on ‘find my friend’ where I was at a couple of points & realised I wasn’t moving very fast! He actually made some joke about wondering if I had been running backwards! Ever supportive husband!! He did go on to be more positive, reminding me I hadn’t stopped & that I probably learnt more from these tough runs than the easy ones.

Yesterday my vest arrived! I will give it a couple of outings before race day, but it’s a little too cold at the moment!

Today was long run day. I was planning 15 miles, the furthest I’ve ever run. I was feeling very nervous this morning. Similar to how I felt a few weeks ago going out for 11 miles on my own for the first time. I shared that I was feeling nervous and my 15 year old son was full of helpful comments and jokes….I ‘may’ have ended up shouting at him to shut up as he wasn’t helping!!

Tim again said he’d come with me for the first three miles. I wasn’t sure if this would be helpful or not. It would either help my average pace or knacker me so much that the rest would be run at a snails pace!!!

I didn’t take a Lucozade with me. I’ve been given some energy drink powders that you just mix with water. I am my mother’s daughter & even though they were free I didn’t want to see them go to waste! So I made one up…..I shall not be doing that again, unless it’s an emergency!!! It tasted like I was drinking Lemsip & I’m not a big fan of that! Despite the unpleasant energy drink it was still a really good run and I maintained a relatively good average pace. Miles 10-14 were a little harder and I slowed down more than I would have hoped.

At around the 14 mile mark Robbie Williams I Love my Life came on my playlist and it really spurred me on. I’ve been reading Row to Recovery, about a group of ex Army personnel, some of whom are amputees, rowing the Atlantic. It made me realise how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to run 15 miles and any discomfort I may feel is nothing to some of the struggles others are going through. I actually ended up singing out loud as I was running down the road! I am incredibly lucky with a fabulous supportive family who are all healthy and I really do LOVE MY LIFE! The next song to come on was Country Road. On a Saturday night the 4 of us often end up playing music and singing along, this is one of our favourites and is a bit of a family tune! It was just so apt that this came on at this point!

I finished the run on a real high. Having a boost from those two songs had meant I’d picked up speed, but still when I stopped I felt I had more to give! Good thing as in 10 weeks I’ll have to run another 11 miles on that!

So after a mixed week, I’m feeling positive again!


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