Lessons Learnt

After the high of 14 miles, I’ve had a really mixed couple of weeks.  This really is an up and down journey! Why does every run feel  like starting again?

Monday I had a pretty fair 5 mile recovery run. I was too scared to go with the club as I didn’t think I would manage 12mm after the day before. I wasn’t far off tho!

A cracking track session on the Wednesday and I really thought i was flying. Then came the Friday.  Charlotte, Laura and I agreed to do a 10k straight after work.  I really wasn’t feeling it. Bit of a sore throat,  bit bunged up and the heavens had opened!  Not sure if I was anti because I didn’t feel well or if it was because of the rain! I decided against the run for which I am grateful. They both soldiered on and got very,very wet. To the point where on the way home in her car, Charlotte re-enacted a scene from one of the original Pink Panther films. Readers of my age will know which one  I mean!

Saturday was Meet the Experts day. Really inspiring and gave my self confidence a huge boost.

Ellie was home for the weekend  (another reason I hadn’t been keen on Friday ) and I had promised her a roast lunch before she left on the Sunday . So 2 hours later – when i normally am spark out in  front of the TV,  I went out for a 7 miler (recovery week).  I achieved my fastest ever for that distance. Next day – fastest recovery run. Thank you meet the experts  (and roast lunch)- I’ve cracked it!

Well ………

Wednesday track i had to miss due to a work meeting extending itself by 2 hours.

Friday another post work 10k planned. Feeling confident we set off. Unfortunately Laura managed the most graceful of face plants about half a mile in (it was her turn – and was much more elegant than my fall a month ago!) We decided not to carry on as she had really whacked her knee. Later on I  struggled on my own for 5 miles. A really poor time.  I dont get the logic of this.

15 miles tomorrow.  Here we go.

My plan was to run from home to Windsor Castle – a long held target. 9 reasonable miles later I got there – turned round to do the remaining 6 to meet hubby at a cafe. Began to feel seriously weird. Chest OK, legs OK if tired, but I was staggering all over the place and literally wanted to be violently sick. Was this the wall? If so that means dodgy nutrition  (I’m learning! ). Realised that due to visiting grandma yesterday I had eaten very little. I’d blown my glycogen store!! Even tho I’d had some jelly babies they were really old and hard (too mean to throw them)  and I’d had a gel but had taken it in one hit rather than spreading it out. I had also run out of water and the village shop was shut. Fortunately a lovely lady filled up my water bottle.

After getting to 12.5 miles I accepted I was walking the rest. I couldn’t phone Steve to come and get me as I was still in the Great Park. Then a miracle – a friend, David Waters – who has a driving permit as his mum lives in the village, stopped, said ‘you look awful’ and gave me a lift to the pub. Where I had the most amazing fish finger sarnie and 2 hot chocolates!  Thank you The Belvedere for graciously serving a very smelly, wobbly women!

Feeling so much better (definitely nutrition ) . Bizarrely for the 12.5 i hit target. Which also begs the  question – did I set off too fast?

I decided then that i could finish the run so completed a further 4 miles to achieve a total of 16.5 + walking about 1.5. Slowly (all that hot chocolate sloshing about) but who cares?

Lessons learnt from today – nutrition the day before is as important as on the day, and don’t run where the husband can’t get to you !


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