Things that make me grumpy….when running….or this could be a really long list!!

All this time running is giving me plenty of time to think. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had time to reflect on how lucky I am for lots of things in life….family & health to name just a couple. I’ve also thought about how tough some people have it & that it doesn’t rain but it pours…. and how amazing some of those people are in the face of adversity. Other times I think about what jobs we need to do over the weekend, or may draft a blog post. But other times I think about things that annoy me & make me cross when I’m running! Today I combined the two to make this blog post!!

Firstly people who don’t acknowledge me when I’ve said hi or smiled whilst running past. I mean how hard is it to smile!! The other day a ‘real runner’ as in someone who makes it look effortless, easy, graceful (basically everything I don’t look!) waved & said hi from the opposite side of the road! It was such a small thing but it was a massive boost!! Then later on the same run I smiled at someone & they just looked away…the impact of that is the exact opposite.

Second on my list; people who are in a group, (I use the word group to refer to anyone who isn’t alone) and don’t move when I (on my own) are running towards them. I’ve had people walking towards me as wide as the canal path & they don’t move….are they expecting me to swim past them!?!? This extends to people standing chatting taking over the whole path & not pulling their child, child’s bike that has been strewn across the path or dog in out of the way.

Dogs nicely bring me on to my third and final things that makes me grumpy when running! Dog owners who don’t or maybe can’t control their dogs. Last weekend when Tim & I were running, a dog on a lead jumped up Tims leg and the owner didn’t apologise just told the dog to be ‘gentle!’ Gentle?! What if he’d hurt Tim or if Tim was scared of dogs. The dog was also on one of those almost invisible leads (were they created in the hope of tripping lots of people up for comedy value!?) Thankfully I spotted the lead and so diverted from the path to avoid tripping. Again, no apology from the owner! I was slightly grumpy after this incident and may have told Tim this rather loudly as we carried on running.

I’m sure there are other things & I’m fairly certain Karen could add more to this list, but I will stop here for fear of sounding like a real miserable old lady!! And in fact I will finish on a positive….when you see a runner, give them a smile, a ‘well done’, or a ‘you’re doing great!’ Even though it’s a complete stranger & maybe you worry they’ll think you’re a weirdo, I can assure you they’ll be grateful, it will make them feel good & give them that little boost.


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