Today I had every intention to complete 16 miles. Same target as last 2 weeks which I hadn’t managed completely.  One was over 2 stints – the other I reached a cafe at 15:29 miles and I stopped!

So 16 – until Charlotte said in the office yesterday that she was planning 17. Well I couldn’t have that could I?

I was sooo planned. Good carb day yesterday,  good breakfast,  prepared nutrition  (currently trying out  ‘real food’ ie energy bars, a mix of home made and bought. Still took some jelly babies and gels ‘just in case’.A bottle of lucozade sport and a bottle of water. I have been lent a camelbak  (thank you Lisa) but haven’t got to cleaning it yet.

Different route to the last couple of weeks.  Going to avoid the people and pets around Virginia Water  (the flying puppy still haunts me). I’m going urban!

Going reasonably well upto about half way when i realised that I was in need! Not a Paula Radcliffe drain type need but a Vassos Alexander type need. Those of you who have read his book ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ will know where I’m going with this. If you haven’t I urge you to do so. It’s informative, inspirational and really,  really  funny.

I realise that I’m about to go past a school. It’s Saturday!  Football is being played! There is a club house. It has toilets! And it’s open!! A miracle!  From now on I’m sticking to this route and Saturdays!  And as a bonus – there is a water fountain!  Life can hold no more!

Satisfied,  clean, full water bottle – I’m off again. The rest of the run is uneventful just getting slower and slower. I’m back to the headphones and downloaded lots of singalong stuff. That’s seriously helping.

I had originally planned to do the 17 then walk a couple. But I could see this not happening as I got closer to home. I had run out of water so my choices were to go straight home which would be roundabout the 17 – or stagger to the local shop which would also be 17 but then I would have about a mile to walk home. I chose the latter (at the decision point I was going surprisingly well). At the shop I bought the water and had a little sit down (mistake) then walked home getting steadily colder. It started to rain. Even colder.

When I staggered into the house I couldn’t bear to stretch. Nor could I get upstairs for a shower. So I put on hat, coat and gloves (yes seriously ) forced down chocolate milk and waited until I could do something.  Fortunately the rugby was on so that was a distraction. After about half an hour I managed to stretch (still with all the outdoor gear on – fortunately Steve was out!). Then get to the shower (this time without coat etc! )

Not a brilliant time – but I don’t care. Worked out that if I could average that the whole way on marathon day I would still crack my target time.  So that’s not bad!

By the way – I have a very slow Guardian Angel. I hope 😊


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