Bizarrely I had been looking forward to Saturday”s 18 miles. I have decided to go down the’ Jeffing’ route (Jeff Gallway) and do a run/walk thing as there’s no way I’m running 26.2 miles so I may as well plan to do it properly. After completing my ‘magic mile’ (10:44) I work out this means running 1 minute to 30 secs walking. This didn’t feel right so I  decided to give the 3min 1min split a go. I was also trying a camelbak for the first time so lugging 2 litres of water on my back. And a new nutrition plan!

My  legs were hurting before I started.  This due to an intense B-fit session  followed by an even more intense pilates session on the Thursday evening.  Then on friday I had the sports massage from hell (although i do appreciate it and i know it does me good) which left me slightly tender!!

I had been telling Rosemary (masseur ) about my run/walk plan. She asked me when I begin to fade when I run. I didn’t like to admit that it’s from as soon as I start!

I had bought yet another new gadget (hence the picture at the top – this has become  expensive!!) To sort my splits out.

The first 10 miles I ran to target. Then things became harder. So I tried to change my split to 2:1 but couldn’t remember how to set the gadget! After walking and struggling for a good 10 minutes I gave up and decided to do a 1:1. This worked well for a bit. Obviously I had slowed down as I was walking more – but I was still within my overall target. With a mile and a half to go, I had 25 mins left. Then my calf ‘popped’. I immediately slowed my walk right down. After a little while I tried again.  Another ‘pop’. So I decided to walk home.

I was pleased that I wasn’t too upset about having to walk the last couple of miles. As far as I’m concerned I completed the 18 miles. My watch was still running. And i could walk  properly this morning (massage worthwhile then!)


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