Car boot no 2

Yes I know Charlotte  we said we wouldn’t – but this is a blog of our whole mission and I need to add this in just in case I ever consider mega fundraising again – so I don’t! With you on that! 

Today was the day of our 2nd car boot. As we have both reached target I was desperate not to do it again. Saint Charlotte however reminded me that people had donated items specifically for this car boot – so ethically we couldn’t duck out. Unfortunately she was right. As so often I am!? 😉

So Saturday night Charlotte loads up her car (again), I arrive at 8am Sunday morning  (again), we drive to Farnborough car boot (again) and it’s raining! (again). Amazingly we get the same spot which we are delighted about as it’s close to the entrance and so attracts a lot of attention. As delighted as you can be at a car boot sale!! Also it’s inside – many poor souls had to set up on the upper, outside level.

Basically not a lot to tell as it was a carbon copy of the previous visit. Including getting told off (this time for daring to set up too early), amazing bacon butties, friendly and helpful people,  and long stretches of boredom.

There is a Charlotte parking story. But I’m going to keep that back in case I need it!!!!! It’s not a big story but given the constant office banter over Karen’s parking (or work place bullying as Karen calls it!) Karen was thrilled my parking wasn’t perfect!  At least i haven’t driven into a car park wall!!

We made over £150! And have about 6 heavy bags to go to Phil the bag. So thank you all yet again for your generosity.  We actually had one lady put money into our collection box telling us that her son had nearly died of asthma several times. Puts it all into perspective really. Glad we did it.


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