20 miler at Dorney – done!

Today was the day that it said in my plan – last long run before taper. It also said 22 miles but i thought that a little excessive!

Laura and I had agreed to do the Pre marathon prep run at Dorney Lake today. 4 mile laps so choice of 16, 20 or 24 miles. We both went for 20.

I knew that there was a time limit of 4 hrs 15 mins before you were supposed to finish. I had a target!

The day dawned bright, sunny and a bit chilly. Perfect running weather. Having explained to Laura my punctuality paranoia, she got me there in time to pick up race numbers, queue for the ‘nice’ loo, bag drop, and still be at the start line with 10 mins to spare!

We also managed to briefly meet up with 3 fellow Asthma UK team members.

My first 15 miles were amazing. I was ahead of target and enjoying the run. I love Dorney,  it always reminds me of the 2012 Olympics when Matt & Ellie worked here and had a great time. I was a bit envious of them being involved in such an amazing adventure.

On my 3rd pass thru the start – mile 16 -I noticed my time was slipping so I changed from 3 mins run 1 min walk,  to 2:1. My time just got slower and slower.

I knew I was going to finish – but why was I struggling?  I suddenly clocked that I do have asthma and my chest was beginning to hurt. So I used my inhaler during my next walk break. Helped my breathing but not my legs!

So I decided just to live with it. By now it was sooo hot and the sweat was dripping into my eyes so I couldnt see. That didn’t help!

I kept over taking people then they would take me back. So we kept encouraging each other that we were so nearly there.

As I rounded the last corner I could see Laura and my 3 new Asthma UK mates waiting for me. I passed the line by my Watch at 4 hrs 13 mins so I beat my target!!

When I got home Steve suggested a ‘gentle walk’ around Cliveden.  So I did get my 22 miles done (and a bit)

So happy!

Taper time now



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