The come down…

I can’t imagine there will be many more blog posts on here, after all we started it to share our London Marathon journey & we completed the run last Sunday and so the journey is almost at an end. šŸ˜ž But I felt I wanted to share a bit more with you all today ….. I think I’m going to quite miss writing these posts!

I’m feeling somewhat deflated one week on. All the planning and excitement for months and months and now it’s all over. It’s a little bit like the feeling you get as you go to bed on Christmas Day (or is that just me!?) I know it’s silly as I had the most amazing day, but I’m just sad it’s all over!

I wore my medal constantly for the first couple of days of this week & attempted to get it into every conversation, regardless of where I was. I was most upset when no one in Sainsbury’s mentioned it!! I have since taken it off, but have it in my bag at all times in case there is an opportunity to take it out and show it off! Karen & I have a bit of a challenge going on, to see who can share it in the most unusual situation or with the best person. OFSTED are arriving in our Local Authority next week and I reckon if one of us can get it in with an inspector that has got to take top prize!!

I’m beginning to think about what to do next, partly as I don’t want to just totally stop all the exercise, but also I think it might give me something to look forward too. Karen is keen to take on some sort of triathlon, but I am not so keen, given I’m not a confident cyclist and I can really only swim breaststroke like a lady!! I have to say I’m tempted by the Birmingham InternationalĀ Marathon…it’s the very first one in October & they are talking about their plans for it to eventually rival London. To be able to say I took part in the very first one in my home city does have a bit of an appeal. I even noticed that Karen had googled to find out more too…..


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