Thank You

Karen and I wanted to write one final post to wrap up the blog. I’m starting it, but I’m sure she’ll add her thoughts! For me this post is mainly to say thank you to everyone for all their help, support and donations over the last year as I’ve trained for the London Marathon and fundraised for Asthma UK. I could go on and on here, with specific mentions for particular people, and the particular reasons they have been so amazing, but I don’t want to sound too much like I’m writing an Oscar acceptance speech! Although one special thank you should go to Karen. I don’t think I expected to say this, but thank you for not giving up on persuading me to join you on this crazy adventure! I may have been reluctant to start with but I’m so glad I did it….it’s been fab and I’m glad we did it together!

Charlotte started this blog a few weeks ago – I’ve been poorly so haven’t felt up to completing it until now.  But coincidently – today is exactly one month from when we completed the marathon.

I also have loads of people to thank.  But seeing as she started it …….. Without Charlotte – this wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun.  Without your humour and sheer dogged persistence we would never have raised this amount of money (I wanted to give up before the quiz night!).  Keeping me going through hundreds of training plan variations – and pretending that my stress level ‘was normal’.

Between us we have raised £5347.46 (£5993.49 including gift aid!) for Asthma U.K. 😀😀😀 When we started this journey our target was £3600 and I for one was nervous about reaching it. I had raised money for Brain Tumour Research when I ran the Bracknell Half last year and people had been so generous, I didn’t feel I could ask people for donations again! As a result Karen enlisted the support of our friend Lisa (another special mention!) who has raised thousands for charity and had loads of top tips! In fact we even have a WhatsApp group called ‘Top Tips!!’ She suggested loads of events and ideas that would mean we could raise money without just asking for cash.

We well and truly smashed the £3600 target and the money we have raised will make a massive difference to the lives of people suffering from Asthma. We can’t thank you all enough for helping us to achieve this. Donating clothes, eating cakes, attending the quiz night, the list goes on….. The money will be used to fund vital research into Asthma to help improve the lives of those suffering and will also help fund the specialist Asthma nurses who provide support and advice on the national specialist helpline.

For those that are interested, but this could just be Karen and I, this is how we managed to raise so much:

General sponsorship £3167.05 We can’t quite get over this figure, people have been so generous, thank you.

Quiz night £614.00

Phil the Bag £678.50

Cake Sales £293.41

Harbour Jump (s) £75.00 and yes I am still to do mine! I promise I will when we’re visiting Lisa in a couple of months time. She most definitely will – whatever the state of the tide!!

I haven’t included the bungee jump as its difficult to differentiate between donations specifically for that and general ones -but I reckon that brought in about £300 which is included in the general figure.

Magic Magpie £49.00

Car Boot Sales £346.00

Donations from ourselves and others instead of sending Christmas cards £90.00

The Swear Box £34.50 (I think Karen & I paid the most into that box!!)

I still can’t quite believe the whole experience is over. It has been amazing, and I think I can safely say that we are both pretty proud of what we have achieved. The medals, photos, and tales are still being shared on a pretty regular basis! oh yes!!

Reflecting after a month – it still seems unreal. It has been such a huge part of our lives and it  feels weird not whinging about training runs 3 times a week! And not being able to eat anything I want to!!

So for me the final thing is just another big thank you to everyone. But especially Tim and the kids (even though they don’t often read these posts!) for putting up with the marathon taking over our life’s for the last year!

An enormous thank you from me too.  Writing the blog has given us a reminder of all the memories of an amazing adventure.  The good bits and the not so good bits.  Thank you everyone for being part of that.  And to Steve – I have watched you  close your eyes and ‘count to 20’ so many times over the past year before you’ve said anything. Couldn’t have done this without you. x


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